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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  January 10, 2018 5:45am-6:00am GMT

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and south korea agreeing to stage their first talks in more than two years. pyongyang also said they'll appear together at the winter olympics. the ft looks ahead to world economic forum in davos where us president donald trump is planning to attend, making it the first trip by an american leader for almost 20 years .the whitehouse said mr trump would use the meeting to discuss his ‘america first‘ agenda. fox news reports donald trump's former chief strategist steve bannon has stepped down as head of the far right website breitbart. bannon was heavily criticised by mr trump and faced a backlash from supporters after the book "fire and fury" quoted him accusing the president's son and son—in—law of treason. the telegraph leads with brexit and says the uk's plan for a bespoke brexit trade deal is at risk of being derailed by germany after chancellor angela merkel stated she is against a british plan for so—called "managed divergence". and finally on the guardian website, virgin trains says it will no longer stock copies of the daily mail newspaper on its uk west coast route citing concerns from staff about the paper's editorial stance on issues such as immigration. the daily mail has called the decision ‘disgraceful‘. so let's begin.
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with me isjeremy cook who's chief economist of the payments company world first. welcome back. thank you for being with us. we begin with the independent and this announcement by north korea that they will hold talks with south korea. it is nice to see good news from that area of the world for once when we are not talking about rocket test for anything. we do have the winter olympics in south korea in the next few weeks. this is north and south are getting together to hopefully begina are getting together to hopefully begin a dialogue about a demilitarisation of the elements of the relationship between the two countries you need to ask why now, whether this is purely to get a few figure skaters from north korea into the competition or whether this is more about a lasting peace and whether or not donald trump has had an influence on the conversation. donald trump certainly things he
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does have an influence, no surprise. do you think that is the case? analysts a re do you think that is the case? analysts are saying that north korea are concerned they have pushed things too far. this may be an attempt by north korea to purchasable time, talking to a more reasonable neighbour. a good cop bad cop scenario where of the south koreans are the good cop and the back copies donald trump. the key will be a huge military exercise that takes place every year between the us and south korea. if that goes ahead, that gets under the skin of the north korean. we need to see how they react to that or whether south korea will take it down a notch in an effort to keep these peace talks going. in the financialtimes, as we mentioned, president trump is going
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to davos, the first time an american president has gone in almost two decades. how do you think is american first message will go?” american first message will go?|i think american first message will go?” think it will go down badly. davos is the hard of globalisation. donald trump isa is the hard of globalisation. donald trump is a billionaire and he is likely to tell people what the american middle class and working class one from his american first programme. as you said he will be the first sitting president to go there since bill clinton in the mid— 90s, obviously with a different message. it will probably be the most oversubscribed talk of the weekend. in the grand scheme of things it is likely to fall on deaf ears. what is behind it? an effort to rub shoulders with the other most powerful people in the world or is ita powerful people in the world or is it a reaction to the chinese premier who went last year and spoke about globalisation and the fact that the world needs to reach out. you think
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is trying to challenge him? in an things. firstly, it is eagerly. it is the networking of the elite, and davos. he has not been there so possibly this is just ticking a box for him. but the us and china relationship will mark politics for the next a0 years. xijinping set out a programme for china an donald trump needs to respond. the next article here is steve bannon, and name we are familiar with. the former right—hand man for donald trump who was quoted in the new book, fire and fury. with the allegations about the president he has now been sacked from breitbart. nobody had heard of him or the side two years ago and now he is a household name. that is correct. he has gone from right—hand man and now is persona non grata. he has been
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cast out by breitbart. he lost his radio programme and this was an icarus like rice. he got so close to the white hot centre of american politics quite quickly and was quickly cast out. the key thing now is what does he do? does he rebuild his career? look to revenge? does he go to robert miller and asked to cut a deal. this is not the end of this story by any stretch of the imagination. —— robert mueller. story by any stretch of the imagination. -- robert mueller. he has certainly had been trying to make up ‘s comments since book came out. he was influential in building the success of right bite and now he has been cast out. do you think breitbart has a future? as long as donald trump is in the white house a media organisation which... that
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caters to his demographic and to the people who voted for him will continue to have a voice. the one thing we have seen is donald trump continuing to re— tweet and talk about news and weather that shift sees fox news and become more of the organ of the trump voter than breitbart especially with steve bannon no longer the helm. german threat to brexit trade deal. can you explain this? angela merkel trying to kill off what britain wants now in terms of a future trade deal. exactly. in terms of a future trade deal. exa ctly. n ow in terms of a future trade deal. exactly. now that we have sufficient progress according to britain and the eu, as decided in december, talks can now start discussing trade. unfortunately this side of brexit is likely to be quite slow. the whole process will be slow but in the grand scheme of things, this will not start until the end of the first quarter. angela merkel is
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still unable to form government so she has issues on her side of the channel. this comes down to the belief that the uk wants to put across a trade deal or start talking about a trade deal which has three baskets. it wants to stay close to europe, where will diverged and a regulated middleground. angela merkel believes this is an clear and not something she wants for the european union, it will not work free single market and in all needs to be re— negotiated. paris is on her side as well. some eu members seem her side as well. some eu members seem to be siding with the uk according to the telegraph but without france nor germany, no deal can be done. the uk are saying that they agreed to a huge deal, £a5 billion brexit build. give us a break. they do have a point, don't they? this is all part of the negotiation and nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. it does seem until everything is agreed. it does seem that the eu has the whip hand
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in all of these negotiations that the uk has failed to agree on. —— eu has failed to agreed on. trade is the most important thing. brexit will live and die by trade. if we can get something in the trade talks, brexit will certainly be more successful. looking at another story. the daily mail accusing virgin of censorship after the train stops selling its papers. virgin trains made the decision to stop selling the daily mail on one of its roots. they initially said it was because they did not sell that many copies and then they backtracked and said, actually, it is to do with the content said, actually, it is to do with the co nte nt of said, actually, it is to do with the content of the daily mail which we are unhappy with. we do not believe it compatible with our brand. the daily mail calls that censorship. you can tell the delight in the guardian reporting here. there is a little bit of schadenfreude going on
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here. it is not a complete ban of the daily mail, it is only on one route. i can't remember the last timei route. i can't remember the last time i purchased a newspaper on a train, nor when i time i purchased a newspaper on a train, norwhen i had time i purchased a newspaper on a train, nor when i had enough time —— space on a train to read a newspaper. every space we are in at the moment is overly retailed, we can buy something no matter where we are. and if they are not selling something they don't want to sell, maybe they can replace it with something they can. thank you for joining us. for we go, a quick clarification on a story from ten minutes ago about the french actress defending the men's right to hit on the women. —— hit on women, not hit women. . tuesday was a disappointing day up
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and down the country, cold, damp and grey with the exception of western scotland which saw a little sunshine. into wednesday we start to see a bit of change to the weather. a band of rain slowly moves eastward across the country. first thing on wednesday, across central and western areas, clear skies and quite chilly with a touch of frost, a little fog. wednesday for many of us looks brighter. we should see some sunshine, particularly in the afternoon because it begins cold with ice in northern ireland. central, northern and east areas has a weather front slowly moving out into the north sea, leaving a little cloud hanging back. in fact, for a good portion of scotland it could stay damp all day. there will be a little mist and murk and hill fog. most of the rain across north—east of scotland and into the northern isles so i think some western fringes and south—western parts of scotland should see sunshine in the afternoon. that veil of cloud with the weather front is draped across the eastern counties of england down towards the south—east. the further west you are, the brighter the afternoon. it will feel a little warmer in the sunshine. ten, 11 degrees maybe and a couple
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of showers across the south—west. as we head towards wednesday evening and overnight a few heavy showers will clear away from the south—west of england. the weather front will eventually clear from the eastern side of england but is confined to the northern isles there. elsewhere under clear skies with light wind it will be quite chilly and a touch of frost here and there. some mist, ice and fog — that is a sign of things to come towards the end of the week with morning frost and fog. it could cause a little bit of a problem. for thursday it is a cold start with a little mist and fog around. frost as well but it should generally lift. there is a little that could be stubborn in a few places but there should be sunshine breaking through for many although for the northern isles will remain damp. a bit more cloud across the coastal and eastern counties. as we head into friday, high pressure holds on with a change across the west. tightly packed isoba rs and more breeze.
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clouds and rain arriving in northern ireland late in the day but for much of the country should be dry, chilly with an early fog but a few sunny spells in the afternoon. on saturday the weather front across the west will very slowly move eastwards during the course of the day. it won't reach the east until later on where it will stay dry and on the cool side. hello this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. huge mudslides and flooding hit california — 13 people have died. police say parts of the state resemble a world war one battlefield and the death toll is expected to go higher. trees were just coming down. we ran through the house. then the bouldersjust busted we ran through the house. then the boulders just busted through we ran through the house. then the bouldersjust busted through our house. good morning — it's wednesday 10 january.
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also this morning — a new army recruitment campaign is criticised as too politcally correct.
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